Imagine the unimaginable brought to life thru stunning and vibrant tattoo designs. When it comes to the art of creating visually stunning tattoos, NorCal Tattoo  Shop is the shop for you.  From the unusual, creative, bold and intricate to traditional tattoos, NorCal Tattoo provides you with tattoos that will be appreciated for a lifetime. 
Walk-ins always welcome! 

Looking for tattoo ideas, but need some inspiration?  Feel free to stop in and take a peek at our collection of beautiful tattoos within our large gallery or bring in your custom design tattoos.  At NorCal Tattoo  we are proud to offer professional tattoo services that are designed to fit your unique individuality & budget!  Ask for your custom designed tattoo today!  At NorCal Tattoo Shop you can always count on getting the best looking tattoos!  Whether you are looking to your express religious belief, affiliations, love, memories, or fashion sense, our professional and talented tattoo artists are able to bring your ideas to reality.  It is our goal to make your experience a positive and memorable one.  For all your tattoo designs, tattoo ideas, custom tattoos & more, trust NorCal Tattoo for all your body art;  & piercing needs!


 Piercings/Body Modification   

When it comes to getting body modifications choosing the right  shop is of the utmost importance.  Who will meet all your requirements?   You want a tattoo shop that practices safe  procedures within a clean, sterile, and drug free environment..  For professional piercings done by skilled and talented piercers  schedule your appointment today!    We offer you a wide spectrum of body piercing jewelry and body piercing services.  We do all body piercings, from lip, eyebrows, tongue, ears, navel, nose, septum and more.  Our tattoo shop offers a wide array of top quality jewelry, from straight barbells, spiral barbells, tusks, plugs, stainless steel, just to name a few.  Adorn your body with professional body modifications done by professionals.

 NorCal Tattoo Shop  caters to your safety and health with a professional, friendly, and clean atmosphere.  Aseptic technique is used in each and every single procedure.  It’s always a good idea to do research before picking out a tattoo studio.  Trust a tattoo shop that that stays up-to-date with continuous education and carries a proven track record of happy customers.  We guarantee our clients will receive the highest quality body piercing and custom design tattoos possible.  NorCal Tattoo Shop is honored to deliver unrivaled tattoo and body piercing services so that you can share your experience with friends and family; word of mouth has been “key” to our success and we thank all our clients!


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